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In the following web site the "Förderverein Jeanne-Mammen-Stiftung e. V." [Sponsoring Association Jeanne-Mammen-Foundation] (before: "Jeanne-Mammen-Gesellschaft e. V." [Jeanne Mammen Society]) would like to introduce Jeanne Mammen, an important and many-faceted German female artist of the twentieth century, in particular the Weimar era. During her lifetime (1890 - 1976), major political events such as both world wars and the Great Depression, as well as the new developments in science and technology had an enormous impact not only on the socioeconomic, but also on the respective cultural environment, including the arts.

Jeanne Mammen created a comprehensive body of work, and in her sketches, drawings, watercolours, illustrations, paintings and sculptures, as an artist she bears witness to these historical developments. During the 1920s and 1930s for example, one of her main concerns was the portrayal of individuals, capturing the numerous dimensions of their human condition, depicting their essential characteristics in a unique and poignant manner, combined with social criticism. Her different style periods give evidence of her versatility.

In order to convey a more complete impression of the complexity of the artist's work, the "Sponsoring Association Jeanne-Mammen-Foundation" [Förderverein Jeanne-Mammen-Stiftung e. V.] is in the process of preparing a presentation with a selection of her paintings, which is to be installed at this web site soon. Updates regarding her sculpture period and other aspects of her art work are also in preparation.

A video documentation, "Nur ein Paar Augen sein ... - Jeanne Mammen, ein deutsches Künstlerschicksal" [To be just a pair of eyes ... - Jeanne Mammen, a German artist's life], was produced by Lucie Herrmann for the Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt/M., 1992.

Jeanne Mammen (1890 - 1976):
Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Druckgrafik [Watercolor, drawings, graphic reproduction]
Werke der Künstlerin aus den 20er und 30er Jahren [Works of the artist from 20s and thirties]

Interview of the Radiostation RBB Berlin of 10/15/2003 with Lothar Klünner on the occasion of the exhibition at this " Freundeskreis ALTE FEUERWACHE Eichwalde e. V." of 10/18/2003 - 11/09/2003 in the ALTE FEUERWACHE, 15732 Eichwalde, Bahnhofstraße 79.

Listen to interview of the RBB Berlin of 10/15/2003 with Lothar Klünner (10:50 min)


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